Praise Be to the Puch Maxi

praise puch

Clearly not the most irreverent thing I’ve done–but just could not resist the opportunity. Mater Dolorosa (Latin for “Mother of Sorrows”) Catholic Church is located on S. Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans. It’s founding dates back to 1848 and has quite an impressive history. I’ve attended many masses at the church–but this was the first visit for Puch.

Samuel Loewenberg Arch.

puch arch

This is a rather unassuming tribute to Samuel Loewenberg, Treasurer of Touro Synagogue in 1881. Seems he was one of the prominent leaders of the Jewish community in New Orleans in the mid-19th century. The structure, with a non-functioning horse trough and water fountain (now a planter with flowers), is located at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and S. Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans. Good thing my 2 horsepower Puch Maxi wasn’t thirsty.