Footpegs–just in case.

My intent was for riding solo on my Puch. It can barley get to 35 mph. Adding a passenger would likely slow things down even more. So why the footpegs? Personally, I think they should be a mandatory accessory for all mopeds. I got these for $20 from Moped Division. It took about 10 minutes to install and adjust. Once in place, it gives the allusion of a bike that is designed for two people. Of course the long seat I have adds to the perception. In the end, these footpegs work well–especially when my son wants me to take him for a ride.

Headlight eye candy.

Started with trying to add a headlight visor but I could not find one the correct size to fit. So I went with a headlight grill–also called a stone guard. Boy I’m glad I did. This chrome version from Moped Division is the proper size for my Puch and provides a unique look in daylight and at night. This is purely aesthetic, that is, I wonder how many times a rock has actually cracked the glass on a moped headlight.