Puch at gates of Christian Roselius House.

roselius house

Along a heavily shaded street in uptown New Orleans is the Christian Roselius House. A native of Germany, Christain Roselius came to New Orleans in 1820. He published the state’s first literary journal, then studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1828. In 1841 he was appointed Attorney General of Louisiana. He was also dean at the University of Louisiana—which later became Tulane University. This home, built in the Greek Revival style, was his suburb residence until his death in 1873.

Puch Maxi with a 5”/51 Naval Gun.


On the campus of Tulane, in front of the Navy ROTC building, is a naval 5″/51 caliber cannon. This gun initially served as the secondary armament of United States Navy battleships built from 1907 through the 1920s. It fired a projectile 5-inch (127 mm) in diameter and the barrel was 51 calibers long. Designed to engage destroyers, torpedo boats, and other surface targets, it entered service in 1911. However, with many of these guns, it was removed soon after commission as it got too wet. This surviving example has been in its location for more than 50 years.

Puch Maxi meets Dr. Alton Ochsner


This statue recognizes the lasting legacy of Dr. Alton Ochsner. He was a surgeon and medical researcher who came to New Orleans to chair the Department of Surgery at Tulane. A pioneer in thoracic surgery, he trained numerous surgeons including famed heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey. In 1942, he along with four other physicians opened The Ochsner Clinic—which has become Ochsner Health System. Dr. Ochsner was among the first to recognize the association between cigarette use and lung cancer.

A Puch Snowball (or Sno-ball)


Established in 1945, Williams Plum Street Snowballs reflects the New Orleans tradition of a snowball stand in every neighborhood. Snowballs (often spelled sno-balls) are a seasonal (March-October) treat made with finely shaved ice–using a patented ice machine–and a flavored, sugary syrup. Plum Street has dozens of flavors including their signature topper of sweetened condensed milk. Served in cups, pails, and even Chinese take-out boxes, these are velvety smooth and quickly dissolve in your mouth! Expect to see a line of locals and visitors at the original location near Tulane University. Ah, but the stand is closed for winter so the Puch Maxi will return.